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Strawberry Pot.

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Gird List
  • Fairy Garden Bridge - Miniature Fairy Garden  - Fairy Rope Bridge

    Lead your fairies across the water or to another garden with this cute Rope Bridge, it has stunning details and finished with little yellow flowers. ♥  Made from ResinDimensions: 6"L x 2.5" w x 2...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Campfire - Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories - Woodland Campfire

    This Mini Campfire looks stunning and will make a great feature in a garden for all the fairies to gather around.  Made from  ResinDimensions: 1.35" x 1...

  •  Miniature Fairy Garden Slide | Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories | Fairy Slidev

    Fairies love to play and with this cute Fairy Slide, just perfect for them to enjoy..  Made from resin Dimensions 2.95"h x 3.54"l x 1...

  •  Miniature Fairy Garden Hammock | Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories | Leaf Hammock

    Everyone loves to relax and enjoy the day, with this cute Leaf Hammock your fairies casn do the same. Made from ResinDimensions: 4.5"l x 1.95"d x 2...

  •  Miniature Fairy Garden Bike | Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories | Green Bike and Rack

    This Gorgeous Green Miniature Bike will look perfect in any fairy garden and it sits perfectly on it's little matching rack♥.. Made from MetalSize:...

  • Summer Bucket x1

    Don't forget to add a Bucket for your Fairies, so they carry water to the wonderful garden for you..  Please choose your colourMade form Metal and paintedSize: ...

  • Coral and Starfish S/3

    This mini set of coral and starfish are just perfect ofr creating that magical beach theme for the fairies, they are designed by Genevieve Gail features all-weather paint and a unique distressed finish. Made from...

  • Seahorse Picks S/2

    Add these cute little seahorse picks to you beach for the fairies to enjoy..  Features all-weather paint and a unique distressed finish.. Made from ResinDimensions: 1" x 4...

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