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Gird List
  • Butterfly House Picks | Fairytale Gardens | Gypsy Gardens

    This set of three metal butterfly houses feature adorably tiny butterfly accents All-weather paint.Dimensions: 8.5"h x...

  • Cardinal Bird Bath

    This is a stunning Cardinal Bird Bath is just stunning with amazing details and is sure to take center stage in your little garden.  Made from Resin2...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Fairy | Miniature Fairy Garden Statue | Fairy Bathtub

    The perfect little Bathtub, the fairies are going to enjoy a warm Bubble Bath after a hard day flying.  ♥  These fairies are a perfect size with med-large houses..Made from resin...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Pet - Fairy Statues -Squirrels Playing

    This might be my new favorite water feature, just look at the details, and then add Squirrels, LOVE!!♥   These fairies are a perfect size with med-large houses..Made from resin Dimensions: 2.95" x 1...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Water Fountain - Fairy Garden Bird Bath - Water Fountain

    Add a Fairytale Water Fountain for your fairies to enjoy and it truly has the most wonderful details just like a real one.  Made from resinOutdoor/Indoor useApprox: 2.95"hSuites med-large Houses...

  • Miniature Garden Birdbath | Fairy Garden Accessories | Daisy Birdbath

    Fill your garden with colour and joy with this wonderful Daisy Birdbath, it's covered in Lady Beetles and cuddled by a cute little puppy.. Love! Made from ResinDimensions: 2″...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories | Miniature Fairy Garden Australia | Flower Bird Bath

    How adorable are these Flower Bird Baths, all you have to do is decide what your favorite colour is..♥..  This is for 1 Flower birdbath - Choose your colourMade from ResinDimensions: 2"h x 2...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden -  Fairy Gardening Australia - Leaf Bird Bath

    Just so cute! How adorable aree these two little birds resting together having a drink, this Birdbath will be a wonderful addition to your garden.  Made from resin Dimensions: 2.25"h x...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Fairy - Miniature Fairy Garden Statue - Garden Chat

    Add a pop of colour and joy to your fairy garden with a Garden Chat...   These fairies are a perfect size with med-large houses..Made from resin Dimensions: 3.5"L x 2...

  • Summer Flower Bird Bath

    Invite the Birds to your Fairy Garden by adding this lovely Flower Bird Bath to your Miniature Garden Made from Metal3.5"h x 2"dia...

  • Flower Bath Tub

    This amazing Flower Bath Tub will look amazing within a fairy garden, and will gather water when it rains or you water the plants ♥ i Made from Twin & ResinApproximately: Size:  13.5cmL x...

  • Enchanted Birdbath

    How adorable is this Enchanted Birdbath it even has a cute little blue bird..♥..   Made from ResinDimensions: 2"h  x 1.5" x 1.5" *Ideal for small...

  • Rustic Bird Bath

    Add this Rustic Bird Bath to your mini garden for the birds to enjoy. Made from ResinSize: 2.75"h x...

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