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​My Mini Fairy Gardens.

My Mini Fairy GardensAt Fairytale Gardens we truly have the most beautiful people that send us photos of their fairy gardens that we just adore! Every now and then we get sent something from a fairy gardener that's really special, who has amazing passion and love for fairy gardens. We want to share with you [...]

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Fairy Garden Tea Cups

Welcome to the magical world of Fairy Garden Tea Cups..We have done a video of 3 tea cup fairy gardens using showing you 3 different and easy ways to create a fairy garden with a Tea Cup. All our plants are from our local Bunnings and the fairy products used are listed below. ♥Enjoy the video.Items [...]

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Water Feature Fairy Garden

So happy with my latest project, a few weeks ago I was inspired by a little camping fairy garden video by Laura on Garden Answer that featured a water feature, well today I started (trying) to make it... It wasn't as easy as she makes it look in the video! And apparently, just like cooking, I don't seem to [...]

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Fairytale Gardens on Garden Answer

Feature on Garden Answer - start time 6.35

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Joy's Succulent Fairy Garden

Find a place, keep that place, think about that place and make it bring you joy.   Once upon a fairytale lived a girl called Betty. She always wore a purple dress a purple beanie with a mini yellow flower. She had the most beautiful hair in the land. She had it tied in two plats and [...]

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A Fairy World

Welcome to a magical world of Fairy Gardens a place where little dreams come true.Fairy Gardens has truly taken Australian’s by heart, and we really enjoy being a part of this growth, so if you’re a Woodland Fairy, Earth Fairy, Classic Fairy, a Fairy that wants some Garden Sparkle or just a lover of Fairy Gardening, here at Fairytale [...]

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Fairy Cottage Garden

We all get so excited at Fairytale Gardens when new items arrive, and the newest collection is so adorable that I couldn't wait to create another garden xoxo.A few weeks ago at my local garage sale I found this wooden draw stand and I couldn't wait to use, so off to Bunnings for my plants to create this [...]

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Fairy Garden

Items Used:Cotswold cottageFairy Harper

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Fairy Garden Chairs

I just love OP shops and online garage shopping and I'm always looking for the weird and wonderful things that I can use for a fairy garden. I came across 3 little wire and wooden chairs on my local Facebook garage sale site, and with a few bits and bobs and a wave of my fairy wand [...]

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​Moss Madness...

Moss Madness!As the fairy world grows so does the 1000’s of options and styles of gardens that you can create. Plants being one of the main features within a fairy garden, they can really complete the look, from overgrown blooms, piles of mismatched plants, or even a well-manicured garden, all perfect styles for a fairy garden. What I [...]

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