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A Fairy Garden In A Chair

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Fairytale Range

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Magical Lunar Eclipse

Get ready for a total lunar eclipseAustralia will come alive tonight, especially the fairies that love to dance in the evening of the full moon. But when the morning sun begins to rise, the fairies will vanishWatch out tonight (Wednesday October 8 2014) as a total lunar eclipse will be visible from across Australia. [...]

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50+ Magical Fairy Houses

These are just a few of our favorite fairy houses..We hope that you enjoy these wonderful fairy houses as much as the fairies have.All photo's found at http://www.pinterest.com/durenemadams/fairy-house...

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Terrarium Gardens..

Japanese Garden Terrarium Image SourceHobbit-Inspired TerrariumImage SourceSculptural TerrariumsImage SourceTerrarium FarmyardImage SourceMiniature Teacup TerrariumImage SourceConservatory Themed TerrariumImage SourceConservatory Themed Terrarium 2Image SourceBuddha TerrariumImage SourceZen Garden TerrariumImage SourceStonehenge TerrariumImage SourceMoss TerrariumImage SourceMaking a TerrariumImage SourceImages also sourced from And, now that you're inspired, Click here to start shopping to create your own special Terrarium..

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Harvest Miniature Garden

Fairytale Gardens has created this wonderful harvest miniature garden for the Prep class at Alamanda Collage. The Prep teacher is teaching the children all out growing their own food. Fairytale Gardens is so happy that we could help by making this harvest garden for them.We hope that all the kids love playing while they learn all about harvesting [...]

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