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New Fairy Garden Idea Video

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Making a Fairy House

What You’ll Need: Sketch pad or blank paperPencilBase structure (empty plastic drink bottles work well, as do aluminum cans)Cutting implements (scissors for plastic, metal shears for cans)Natural materials (pebbles, bark, twigs, leaves, pine cones, acorns, etc.)Adhesive (hot glue, double-sided tape, crazy glue, epoxy resin, and such)Grout, if desired (can be regular grouting or a plaster like [...]

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Exciting News

We are very proud and excited to announce that we were contacted by a large publishing company in Sydney last week. They contacted use at Fairytale Gardens to help with their article they were doing on Fairy Gardens.... They have now released the published article with thousands of papers being delivered throughout New South Wales.Click [...]

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Plants to use

Making a miniature fairy garden can be very fun and rewarding, but we get asked alot what type of plants to use.. So here is a list of just some plants that are great for fairy gardensAlso view our page for Making a Fairy Garden

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Making a Fairy Garden

How to create that magical fairy garden

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