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Christmas Fairy Garden - 1 Garden 5 Different Looks

Christmas Fairy Garden - 1 Garden 5 Different Looks

1.  I found this cute little wagon at my local recycle center and knew it had to be a garden ♥ I have filled it up with fresh soil about 2 inches from the top allowing the plants and excess dirt.

2.  The plants are from my local Bunnings, I have chosen plants that have a red or white flower and a lovely silver plant to pop.  Also I have a ground cover that has a pretty white flower.

  • A. Verbena Mixed (Red & White one chosen). This is to create height.

    B. Begobia Green Leaved Red. This plant adds great pops of red.

    C. Gineraria Silverdust. I lined the backed with this as it gives a pop of silver and looks amazing.

    D. Coleus Mixed. This is a great filler and has green leaves with subtle reds.

    E. Pratia White. My ground cover with the cute little white Flower ♥

3. I have arranged the plants along the back to great a hedge and to leave the front open for the fairy accessories.

4. Now just finish the edges off with the ground cover. I always start at the back with the tallest plant and work my way down to the smallest and finish with a ground cover for a fairy grass look.

5. A great tip to keep your pebbles clean and in place (especially white) is to cut a brown paper bag to shape and lay this over the dirt before you place the pebbles, this will help the soil coming up into the pebbles and as I intend to add fake snow this will again help keep this clean.

6. I have used white Pebble from Bunning's and a fake snow not a instant snow for the garden.

7. First lay the white Pebbles over the brown paper and spread out, keeping it on the paper as much as you can but covered enough not to see it.

8. Top with the fake snow, now doing the white pebble first will help keep the fake snow from flying away in the wind and also allows for better drainage when wet.

9. Finished, now just add fairies ♥

Below are 5 different looks using the same garden, what one is your favorite?♥

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1. Fairy Christmas Sleigh and Reindeer's

2. Fairy Ginger and Sleigh

3. Fairy Mikayla & Santa Fairy

4. Christmas Storytime Fairies

5. Traditional Sled Fairy Garden

Here is the link to all the Christmas Fairy Products used - Click Here


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