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Fairy Christmas Tree

Get creative this Christmas with a Fairy Garden Stacking Tree!

This year at Fairytale Gardens we have created a Christmas Tree with a fairy twist. Kmart has taken over Australia mums with many joining the Facebook Kmart Mums page and are sharing amazing ideas and creations with other mums, at the moment one of the crazes is about these amazing Stacking Trees and showing what they have created for Christmas..

So being inspired off I went to Kmart to find one of these famous Stacking Tree to create my own magic but of course with my favourite thing FAIRIES!

Sounded easy, just walk into Kmart and out with a Stacking Tree, just a Stacking Tree, well NO I was so inspired I ended up with their Star Fairy lights, Mini Christmas Trees S/3 in Green, a Deer Snow Globe, a few other mixed Christmas Decorations and a Wooden Christmas Sign. Even though I ended up with more it was worth it, the finish product looks amazing! Love you Kmart!

Back at Fairytale Gardens I set up a table space with all the goodies I would need to complete the Tree, a hot glue, the Christmas items from Kmart and some of our Fairy Christmas products for the tree.. ****Note: At the moment Kmart has a cutest little Elf Fairy Doors, my Kmart didn’t have any left so I decided to use our Paint Your Own fairy Door which I left plain, you could paint this red, green, any colour or even leave it plain..

Now all set up I started with the bottom part of the tree, I wanted to give the impression that this was the outdoor area so I placed the door in the middle and added a Christmas Mat, Christmas Mailbox, a Snow Shovel, Christmas Sled, Ice Skates, little patches of fake snow to give the look of outdoors and to complete the look I added Aubrey’s First Snowman and of course a little Fairy Wreath to the door...

Next the middle, I thought about it for a little bit and decided that this was to be more of a fairy complex and that there would be more than one fairy living here so I decided to do two levels both having a Christmas tree and a fairy. The middle level features both our Santa’s Fairies, one fairy helping to decorate the Christmas tree and the other sitting on the Believe Bench wrapping the Christmas Presents, then to finish the look with a few hanging Christmas Stockings and Snowflake the Kitten as every fairy loves a pet and a Joy Garland.

The top level was ideal for Fairy Holly with her Christmas Tree she fitted perfectly, finished off with the Candy Canes and off course her little Santa Bunny by her side. Once I had completed this it already looked so amazing but then I placed the Star Fairy Lights around the Tree and WOW!!!

I love LOVE love this look and it was really easy to do, the kids will also LOVE this idea for Christmas, so head on off to your local Kmart to get yours (links Below for online shoppers), also find the Fairy Products used listed and linked below..

Once you have created yours please feel free to share them with us and also Kmart Mums Facebook.

Merry Christmas ♥

Items used - Kmart

Stacking Tree

White Origami Bauble

Bottle Brush Trees

Nesting Trees Wooden

Led Stars

Reindeer Snow Globe

Items used - Fairytale Gardens

Paint Your Own fairy Door

Believe Mat

Christmas Mailbox

Snow Shovel

Christmas Sled

Ice Skates

Aubrey's First Snowman

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Stockings

Believe Bench

Elf Items

Santa's Fairy Ornament

Snowflake the Kitten

Joy Banner and Candy Canes from Christmas Joy Kit

Fairy Holly w/Tree

Santa Bunny

Also see our full Fairy Christmas range here..

Photos & Video

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