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Fairy Garden Lantern

Fairy Garden Lantern

At Fairytale Gardens we love to see the joy in children's faces when they create their own magical little place where the fairies come and visit. Fairy gardens have become an obsession with many of us, they are fun, creative and a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors.

        Here we have created a little fairy garden in a lantern for you and the fairies to enjoy!   

                                                     Fairy garden lantern


Plants and Lantern are from Bunnings

- Sempervivum tectorum "ruby"

- Baby's tears

- Syngonium

- Fittonia gele

- Unknown fern.

*Fairy Items from Fairytale Gardens

- Fairy Nancy Jean

- Mini Wishing Well

- Forest Animal - Squirrel

- Glitter Mushrooms - Peacock



                                   By Fairytale Gardens


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