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Fairy Gardens Australia


Fairytale Gardens is a family owned company in the lovely sunny Queensland and was created in 2013 by me, Aileen.

I was inspired to create a Fairy Garden for my daughter just like the one I had growing up, it was the most magical experience of my childhood, a little place in my mother’s back yard I called a “Fairytale Garden”, it was a place of Fairytales, I found joy every day using my imagination and creativity most of all having a fairy garden allowed me to truly believe in fairies.

This began my search to find fairy garden items within Australia and overseas. I stumbled over a few wholesalers in my search and decided I was going to get these wonderful products into Australia so I could also offer them to you. Oh my I never knew, there was so many options there was Fairy Houses, Fairy Furniture, Fairy Bridges, Fairy Accessories and of course Fairies. My very first order arrived, the excitement as I opened the box to see these items for the first time I will never forget, the products where breath taking, the quality was perfect, I was so over the moon. I still even now get excited every time I open a box of new goodies and I know that you too will love opening your fairy goodies.

Fairy Gardens has truly taken Australian’s by heart, and we really enjoy being a part of this growth, so if you’re a Woodland Fairy, Earth Fairy, Classic Fairy, a Fairy that wants some Garden Sparkle or just a lover of Fairy Gardening, here at Fairytale Gardens we have sourced the highest quality from the best Wholesalers across the world to bring you what we think is the most wonderful collection of Fairy Gardens pieces within Australia.

At Fairytale Gardens we want to give our customers exceptional service and an experience that is truly magical. All our fairy customers are offered great competitive prices, fast and reliable 24hr* postage, wonderful deals like free shipping on orders over $100*, and to make it even easier we offer you great secure payment options, like Paypal, Stripe and now even ZipPay, ZipPay is the perfect way to buy now pay later and it’s interest free, oh my fairies!

As a Fairytale customer you’ll get the Fairy VIP treatment, we offer all our amazing customers great Fairy Garden ideas, blogs and videos that will give you many great ideas and the know how on creating that perfect fairy garden. There is also the option to contact me personally for advice on products, size matching, garden ideas, plants and even how to begin. We also offer you amazing deals when you sign up to our email list including exciting New items, Sales, new Fairy Garden Ideas and exclusive discounts. Don’t forget to reward yourself by signing up to our fairy reward program that earns you fairy points every time you shop. Now that’s customer service!

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that these little fairy items bring you and your loved ones as much joy as they do us.

Happy Fairy Gardening

The Fairy Garden

The Fire Place

The Garden

Fairytale Gardens

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