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Halloween Fairy Garden

Halloween Fairy Garden

I just love Halloween, all the weird and wonderful come out to play, and with it just being around the corner we will start seeing all the shops put their spooky items out and we will start to getting excited about decorating the house and what scary outfit to wear as we trick or treat.

Why not create an amazing entrance for your treaters with a Halloween miniature fairy garden at your door, all your neighbors will just adore it.… The fairies are sure to love it as well, they can go around all the fairy gardens decorated for Halloween and have their own trick or treat night ;)

Making the garden:

Fairytale Gardens has a few wonderful pieces that are just made to create a spooky Halloween garden, but if you look deeper you may find some goodies that you could use to create that spooky look. We used a few items from our normal collection as well as the Halloween collection and it looks amazing. I think we have created a perfect spooky garden for our front door this Halloween, and I just know that all the fairies will love it too.

A few months back I was lucky enough to get my hands on an old metal black cauldron, sweet! I knew it was perfect for a Halloween fairy garden, all I needed was the right plants a few accessories and boom a haunting fairy garden was made.

The plants:

I wanted to add spooky looking plants, hmm! So I hunted around Bunnings looking for plants that spoke to me and say BOO!! And I just love some of the names… I looked for ones that had rich reds, like blood and ones that looked ghostly, and to complete the look a couple of ground covers.

Celosia - Dragon’s Breath

Acalypha – Reptans ‘stephie’

Coleus – Miniature RED

Sedum _ Chocloate Blob

Cineraria – Silverdust

Dichondra – Silver Falls

Pratia - White

Items used:

It had to be dramatic, I wanted a house that would remind me of a scary movie. The Cottonwood Manor, even though I love this house as it would be wonderful for a sweet pretty garden, I knew with the right plants and accessories it would be the perfect haunted house, I just needed to spook it up with a few adorable items from our Halloween collection. I choose Pumpkins, the Witch's set, a Trick or Treat sign and of course spider webs to finish the look.. Oh and I added one of our purple fairy lights inside the house, so at night I can spook it up even more, hehehe hahaha…. The trick or treaters are going to love it, and I had so much fun creating this garden and I know that you will just love making yours to.

Not all Items are available but view all Our items here =>  All Halloween Items 


Halloween Pumpkins

Cottonwood Manor

Fairy lights – I put these inside the house to make it look spooky at night ;)

Black Crow (Sorry we don't have this iin stock)

And some fake spider web I picked up from my local 2 dollar shop.

We would also love for you to share your scary Halloween gardens with us, send them to sales@fairytalegardens.com.au

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