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Paint Your Own Solar Fairy House!!

A fun way to entertain the little ones this Winter!..

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Joy's Succulent Fairy Garden

Find a place, keep that place, think about that place and make it bring you joy.


 Once upon a fairytale lived a girl called Betty. She always wore a purple dress a purple beanie with a mini yellow flower. She had the most beautiful hair in the land. She had it tied in two plats and was at shoulder height. She lived in the most detailed house of them all.

But one night something ferocious happened… The house got ripped out from the ground and the most delicate flowers broke.

Betty wanted to make a new land, a Joy Succulent Fairy land. Since it was already Fairy Land Betty wanted to make it more unique! So she went strait to work. Betty ordered a flower house topped with a daisy chair a bridge for a look and a nice sign saying “we believe in fairies “at the front. This would make the fairies feel a joy feeling when they pass the sign going into the flower house. She bought all of the products from https://fairytalegardens.com.au

Betty received all of the products for her new Joy Succulent Fairy Land. Betty was so excited that they were here and that she would be building it soon. But to make it Joy Succulent Fairy Land they needed SUCCULENTS!!! So she bought all of her succulents from http://www.thesucculentgarden.com.au

After she had all the products together she decided to order a fairy garden design from https://pixidustgardens.com

The design turned out to be amazing! It came laminated and even with a small jar of pixie dust!

We built the Joy Succulent Fairy Land as a herd as we worked together as one. We all used are strengths to make this happen.

By Fairy Eve

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixidustgardens/

Website: https://pixidustgardens.com

And Below Youtube ♥

    Watch the amazing Video here 

Itty Bitty Betty
Items Used:

Itty Bitty Bridge

Itty Bitty Daisy Chair

Itty Bitty Flower House

Micro Blue Bird Sign 

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