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Miniature Garden Sizing

Unlike doll houses fairy gardens don't really have a scale like 1:12th or 1:24th, but I do find it is best to work as close as i can with these scales.

Here is a list of tips to help you when choosing your items for your fairy garden.

Your location

keep in mind the area that you are wishing to place or use for your fairy garden...

E.g. if you're using a pot, measure the pot diameter to get an idea of what will work.

Photo Credit: minigardener

Tape Measure

We have tried our best to have all sizes on every item to help you.

It does make it easier to use a measuring tape while buying your items on our website, this way you can more of an idea of its size and what it will work with.

Largest or favourite item

Pick your largest air favourite item first, once you have chosen this you can then add your other items working around this size.

1" to 1 foot scale

Try to think everything in a scale, I find it the easiest way, even though not everything will work to a scale it will get you as close as you can.

E.g.An arbor is on average 16 feet high so i look for a 16 inch high arbor for my fairy garden, then if i wanted to add a bistros, a real chair in a bistro set is about 3.5 feet, so I would look for a 3.5 inch chair in bistro set to match.

Another example is you were buying a house that is 7" tall then you will need to look for something more towards the 1:24th scale so I would go for our mini Bistro set with the chairs being 2.5" high, and try to follow this as closely as i can.

If you are unsure of what will work together, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Enjoy creating your Fairy garden...

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