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Shadyvines Terrariums

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A Slice Of Earth

I started my company Shadyvines Terrariums out of the passion I have for mother nature. I’ve been involved in creating terrariums for the past four years. Build after build, fail after fail. Learning from my mistakes as I go, but also gaining an understanding about earth itself.

And I believe that’s were it lies. Understanding earth.

The way humidity impacts certain types of flora,what plants work with what and endless hours of searching for the perfect moss patch!

The holy grail of any big build I create is my moss. I have rituals when I get it home to make sure it’s sterile and bug free. For a terrarium/mossarium designer, moss is a big deal. There’s nothing better than finding a new moss patch that you know you will be able to cultivate for the year. Or the opportunistic pick off a tree knowing that the next day it will be all but gone.

I have been extremely lucky to have the time over the past ten months to be able to sit back, understand where and figure out what was going wrong with my builds and fix the issues that were detrimental to the moss and plants itself.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to learn a craft, constantly learning, and thinking of how I can create more of a realistic subterranean existence in my glass vessels.

So in conclusion the peacefulness and mindfulness that Mother Nature brings to me, I have tried to recreate for others to enjoy.

Their own slice of earth.

Their own slice of paradise.


Chris Lomas. 

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