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We invite you to Welcome the fairies into your garden.

Listen to the fairies dancing at night outside your window, and dream of magical places that secret doors will take you. 

Welcome to a world of little gardens where big dreams come true.

Fairy gardens or miniature gardens create a whimsical world within a world of grownups and expectations. I truly believe that in every garden a little world should grow and grow in a way that reminds us of the true beauty of life, to be free, free to open our minds, our hearts, explore our lives and never let our inner child be forgotten.

These little gardens are just delightful for children, they will love and enjoy making them and the great thing is they will learn all about the wonders of gardening, growing and nurturing of plants, being creative, getting outdoors and dirty, enjoying the sunlight, but most importantly they will learn to play using their imaginations to make a little world come to life into something truly magical, something they will continue to enjoy for many years to come and even passing the magic down to their own children. When we say children this doesn’t mean you have to be little, we all have an inner child hidden inside us and most of the time it’s trying to get out in a creative way, miniature gardening brings this out of us no matter what the age. It is truly a wonderful way to express yourself and enjoy the magic and passion that will come when you create one of these little worlds.

Fairy Gardening is truly for anyone, anyone that enjoys gardening, gardens, flowers, the outdoors, fairies, miniatures, crafts or even for someone that wants to open their mind to a world of beauty and in light their inner child.

We invite you to Welcome the fairies into your garden.


Creating the Garden:

Creating a garden is fun, here is an old Wheelbarrow that we have turned into something magical, a piece of art that was created out of plants, fairy accessories, joy and excitement.  The most wonderful thing I love about creating a fairy or miniature garden is at the end when I get to step back in awe of the beauty that I have just created. ♥♥♥

Below are the steps with photos including a list of plants and fairy items used.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Step 1. The wheelbarrow: 

I found an old wheelbarrow on one of my local online sale groups, they are to come by but keep looking. Once you have your wheelbarrow you will need to drill a few holes within the bottom for drainage, if you can't you might need to find someone that can help you with this step. 

Step 2. Soil and Plants:

I've seen a few people put rocks at the bottom of their wheelbarrow or pots, I don't I find that this will make the item heavier to move and also gives less room for the plants to grow their roots and can cause loss of plants.  I used 2 bags of soil in this garden to top it up to about an inch from the top this allowing room for the plants and the plants soil to be added. 

With the placement of plants I like to place all my plants (still in their pots) into the garden or pot so I can rearrange them until i find the perfect position. Then start planting your plants, just remember that even though the plants are planted you can still move them around until you are happy, once you are happy you may then finish it off with a few pebbles to fill in if needed, and lightly water. (I recommend that if you can cover all the showing soil with either extra plants or pebbles, as this will help the dirt from spreading throughout your garden and on your products when watered, this will protect your fairy accessories longer). If you can I like to leave the garden for a a day or two when making a larger garden to give the plants time to settle in before I add all the fairy accessories, this doesn't need to be done but I find it helps.

Plants used- Please click on plant for more details

Ajuga Reptans

Lobelia Erinus

Pratia Pedunculata

Sedum Spurium Variegatum pink

Sagina Subulata

Viola Cornuta

Pennyroyal Mentha Pulegium

Nemesia Aromatica

Viola Hederacea                     

Step 3. Fairy Accessories:

Now the fun really starts as you can add all your wonderful fairy garden accessories you have bought into your garden.  I always start with one of my largest item if it’s a house or an arbour, place this into the garden off to one side and towards the back, from there gather all your medium size items like a bistro, wheelbarrow, bridges, swings and place them into your garden, once you have all these in place I recommend to work your way down to the little things, little things like animals, fairy boots, watering cans as yes the little things matter. Oh and don't forget to add some fairies ♥

Fairy items Used - Click on item for more details:

Woodland Country Cottage

Butterfly Chair

Hollyhock Birdhouse

Rainy Day Fun

Animal Topiary

Blue Bike

Blue Outhouse

Curved Wall

Maisy the Kitten

Tree Branch PostTyre Swing

Pumpkin Patch

Fairy Kneeling

Fairy Nicole

Fairy Fawn

Tree Bench w/Planters

Fairy Cammie

Quiet Sign

Fairy Wagon

Cottage Love Bridge

Once you have all your fairy accessories in place you can sit back and enjoy your wonderful fairy garden that you have created.


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