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​Tiered Potted Fairy Garden

Tiered Potted Fairy Garden


Welcome to a magical world of Fairy Gardens a place where little dreams come true.

Fairy Gardens has truly taken Australian’s by heart, and we really enjoy being a part of this growth, so if you’re a Woodland Fairy, Earth Fairy, Classic Fairy,

a Fairy that wants some Garden Sparkle or just a lover of Fairy Gardening, here at Fairytale Gardens we have sourced the highest quality from the best

Wholesalers across the world to bring you what we think is the most wonderful collection of Fairy Gardens pieces within Australia.

The Pots


You will need 4 pots, 1x round large shallow pot, 2x round small-medium shallow Pots and 1x small standard pot.

I found mine at my local nursery.

Here are the pots.

Note: I found Terracotta pots and also plastic Terracotta pots, I got a mix.

Large - 50cm

Medium - 26cm

Small/Medium - 23cm

Pot - 16cm I used an Orchid Pot for somthing different

Fill the larger pot with soil and place the small/med pot off to the side into the dirt. With the Medium pot place it against the other pot but rest it ontop of the soil not into the soil and also have it sit over the edge of the larger pot, once this is in I used chop sticks to secure it into place. the get your little pot and place it snuggly next to the medium pot and fill with a touch of soil, then top all pots with soil.

The Plants


When choosing your plants you will need to look for a couple of ground covers that will create a grass look, then I always go for colour and lastly something with height that can act like a tree.

Here are the plants used.

Celosia plumosa - Pink Pointed Flower

Gomphrena - Purple round

Pratia - White Flower Ground Cover

Bougainvillea - Top Pink Tree Plant

Dichondra - Ground Cover in Left Pot

Brachyscome - Pink Daisy Looking Plant

The Items


The options are endless when it comes to choosing your fairy products, but I always choose my house first and go from there.

My must haves for almost every garden is, House, a seat, birdbath, birdhouse (good for height), animals, a fairy or two, and the little things like watering can, pots, etc.

Here is a list with links of all the items used.

(Click on the item to view)

Fairy Escape

Tire Swing

Mini Bistro

Leaf Boots

Watering Can

Gathered Bird Bath

Dog House w/Dog

Adirondack Set - I Painted it Green

Country Bird House

Petals Bird Bath

Bicycle Planter

Lumberjack Wall

Herb Pots

Daisies On A Pick

Fairy Map

Cozy Owls

Glow In The Dark Bees

Glitter Mushrooms

Bunny Rabbits

Forest foxes and Rabbit

Fairy Courtney

Now you may add to this or create something totally different.

End Results


Thank you

♥ Fairytale Gardens ♥

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