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Up Cycled Chair ♥

Invite the fairies into your garden!

(Best on full computer)

Fairy gardens can be truly magical, you can enjoy them indoors or outdoors and you can create almost anything you want.

We have created this amazing fairy garden from using an old chair.

Firstly you will need to remove the seat of the chair, then place a piece of chicken wire to form a shallow curve inside the chair, staple it to secure. Once this is done use a insert from a hanging basket and add the soil, as you can see we have a mixed variety of plants (list below), we have placed around the edges and then to complete the look finished it off with some stones or broken tiles.

Once this is done it's time to create the fairy garden, your options where endless with so many amazing products such as fairy houses, bridges, ponds, a huge rage of fairies, oh and of course don’t forget the little things like the cute Fairy Animals..

When doing a fairy garden don’t under do it, but don’t go over board as it starts to look messy. I always start with my favorite item, like a fairy housearbour, wishing well, or a special piece and from there I just image the complete look and select the little bits and pieces that would suit  and complete my look, don't worry if you get too much you can always create another garden ♥. 

With our wonderful collections like our Flower Garden Fairy range, Earth Fairy collection, The Classic Fairy, or the pop of Colour range we should have a collection for you. 

Here we have done a few different styles within these chairs. we have done a Farm and a Earth Fairy style garden.

Below are the gardens we have created and below are the items used with links ♥

I hope you enjoy this little garden as I have..

Fairytale Gardens

Earth Fairy Garden


Farm Fairy Garden

Plants Used:

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