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Welcome the fairies into your garden!

Welcome the fairies into your garden.

Fairies are wonderful and secretive and like many other creatures they know where they are welcome. If there is any chance that fairies will visit my garden, I want to have it ready. When I built my first fairy garden, I started with a fairy door for the fairies to move between their magical world and ours at their convenience. My fairy garden also has a few little fairy statues that I have placed threw out to give the fairies a feeling of home.

After my first garden many other gardens have been created and many fairies have entered though the door. I wanted to create an area that was inviting for them, so I just imagine what the fairies enjoy doing,  I came up with many wonderful ideas and I’m sure that one of their favorite things to do is play, so in one of my gardens I have created a playground for them by adding a swing a seesaw and a slide for them to play, and also a couple of different bikes for them to ride. Another garden I have created for them is somewhere they can relax with a bistro setting, a couple of deck chairs an umbrella for those sunny or even rainy days and a few other things to make them feel at home. One thing I know about fairies is their love of gardening so I have a garden where i've placed a wheelbarrow, gardening tools, watering can and a few gardening pots for them. After taking to my friend who lives on a farm it came to me that not all fairies are city fairies, and some may like a county farm garden to enjoy. So I created a country farm it has put a smile on my face as I’m sure that they keep moving the veggies around. Another thing that I love to add to all my gardens is some pets for the fairies, even though they are not real animals I’m sure that the magic that the fairies hold they can bring them to life when they visit to play. Oh there are so many options even fire places.

Oh the Fairy houses, we have a large range of different types that I’m sure we will have a house that’s perfect for your fairies. They look stunning in a fairy garden and with a pathway to the entry or a few little stepping stones like the wonderful “Fairy Saying” stepping stones and then finished with a fence and gate, the fairies will be impressed and wanting to move in. (don’t forget the fairy mail box, so you can send them your fairy wishes)

Making your fairy garden..

Firstly you need to choose what type of fairy garden you would like to create, so if you’re a Woodland Fairy, Earth Fairy, Classic Fairy, a Fairy that wants some Garden Sparkle or just a lover of Fairy Gardening, here at Fairytale Gardens we have sourced the highest quality from the best Wholesalers across the world to bring you what we think is the most wonderful collection of Fairy Gardens pieces within Australia.

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The thing you will need to decide next is where, fairy gardens can be created anywhere, either inside or outside using almost anything you can think of like pots including broken pots, wheelbarrows, lanterns, birdcages terrariums, glass bowls or even just in your garden. Once you have decided on your location for your garden the next step is your plants. You will find that the best plants to use are easily found at your local nursery and even your own back yard. When creating a fairy garden I always get two things, firstly I look for something that looks like a miniature tree to give the garden height, bonsai trees are the best for this including the Juniper, Dwarf Conifers and Maples, you can buy other plants for this but be careful of the height they will grow to. The second plant I look for is ground covers, they are perfect for filling in and creating a grass like area. I like to use a plant range called steppables (I get mine from Bunnings), I mostly use Baby Tears and Corsican Mint, and I also love using the Fairy Fern (Leptinella Squalida), and keep a look out for moss. Moss is a great ground cover and you can normal get this for free. After I have these two, then I look for other plants to fill in, this can be either naturals or a bit of colour you can choose anything you like but keep in mind the sizes. I use Alyssum a lot, (visit our “plants to use” page for some ideas). If you are doing an indoor garden ferns and succulents are perfect. Also when creating a garden just remember that fairies need a little space of their own for celebrations and festivals, I have created a fairy ring with mushrooms for them to use for this.