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Cacti Terrarium Kit.

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Window Box Fairy Garden

Wooden Window Box Fairy Garden

Invite the fairies into your garden!

Fairy gardening is a magical way to enjoy the outdoors and also invite the fairies into your home to make your garden sparkle.

The options are endless with so many amazing products such as fairy houses, bridgesponds, fairies of course and don’t forget the little things mushrooms..

Every time I create a garden I start with the item I wish to create my garden in, what you ask, anything you can image!  A Lantern, a wheelbarrow, an old wishing well or even a colander.

As for my plants, when choosing I just imagine a mini landscape and try to create the same affect with the plants I can get, I get all my plants from Bunnings. (Have a look at my list of plants for more ideas).

Once I have these all I need to do is select my little fairy items to complete the look.. Doing this think less is more, don’t under do it, but don’t go over board as it starts to look messy. I always start with my main item, like a fairy house, arbourWishing well or your favourite piece, from there I just image the complete look and select the little bits and pieces that would suit to complete the look.

I have picked a large gate, once I picked this it all fell into place as I knew I wanted a bench seat behind it with a cute fairy sitting, to finish the look I added a little a birdbath and a Dreams in Flight sign, and wow, it looks great. (You could even add a few little mushrooms if you wanted).

I hope you enjoy this little garden as I have..

Pixie Aileen

Plants Used

Scirpus – Fairy Lights

Sagina - Subulata

Items used

Lutyen Bench Antique

Sparrow Birdbath

Dreams In Flight Sign

Birdhouse Gate

Fairy Kelly

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