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Miniature Wire Accessories.

The Perfect Little Gift Idea!..

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Gird List
  • Butterfly Fairy Door - Blue
    $17.95 $15.95

    Create an entrance into your garden for the fairies with this Blue Fairy Door, look at the details ♥  Made from ResinDimensions app: 4...

  • Fairy Garden Window

    Finish the look with this adorable fairy window, it has soft tones and will look amazing in any fairy garden ♥ Made from ResinDimensions app: 2.25"h x...

  • Love Fairy Door

    Fairy Love doors will  welcome all the good fairies into your garden though a magical opening that only fairies can open. (comes with a little key).. This is for one door - pick your colourMade from Woods4"h x 3...

  • Maple Leaf Door

    OMG I love this door, the details and colours are sure to look amazing in any garden..It features a opening door and also comes with a cute little fairy key! Made from resin Dimensions: 5″ Tall x 4.25″...

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