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Miniature Wire Accessories.

The Perfect Little Gift Idea!..

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Gird List
  • Aviary House Kit

     Stunning Aviary house that includes a tree of birds inside. Made from soft Wood and metals8"h x 5...

  • Butterfly House Kit

     Stunning Butterfly house that includes Inside, tiny butterflies dangle from the ceiling anda flower birdbath pick takes center stage. *Butterful Chair Sold Separately - click here to PurchaseMade from Wood...

  • Stunning Classic House Set

    Featured set Includes:  * French Chateau - Top lifts for easy access. 9”h x 4”w x 6”L,* Mini Greek Urn on Plinth Pick -  3”h (plus pick) x 1.75”dia *Arc Border x2, 1.25”h x...

  • Colonial House kit

    Colonial House kit includes. Click on items for more details *Colonial House  x1*Lutyen Bench x1*Willow Birdbath x1*White Picket Fence x1*Stepping Stones - Round not Square (only...

  • Fairies ONLY House Kit

    Fairies ONLY House Kit is adorable it includes all items in the photo besides the plants, soil and container. Please click on items below for more details including the sizes.  Fairy CharlotteRascal the PuppyDaisy...

  • Fairy Garden Accessory Kit
    $49.95 $44.95

    Fairy Garden Accessory Kit  Create a magical place for the child at heart and the fairies to enjoy with this amazing set of 10 Fairy Garden Accessories, that work wonderful together and will give your garden a touch of...

  • Fairy Garden Playground Kit

    This Gorgeous set includes A fairy Swing, See Saw and a Slide...

  • Fairy Gardeners Kit

    This is the perfect kit for all those that just love to garden. The little ones will also love playing with this kit, they can use their imagenations and pretend to do some gardening around your gardens.. Click on items...

  • Farm Fairies and Friends Kit

    OMFairies how cute is this Kit, it has it all including the fairies♥♥   Made from resin Dimensions: Gnome: 3.5"Fairies: 2.5: - 3.74"hWagon: 3.54"Chickens: 1.97"Rooster: 1...

  • Farm Yard Barn & Silo

    Create a lovely Farm for your fairies with this set. It includes the Barn and the Silo both with opening doors.The other items besides the farm animals in the photo are all available in our store. Made from Metal and...

  • Gathered Fairy Garden Accessories Kit

    This Gorgeous set includes all Fairy Favorite Accessories for your fairy Garden, all you need if a house and fairies ♥ Click here for HousesClick here for...

  • Summer House kit - Blue

    Add some fun in your fairy garden with this amazing Blue summer house kit. Click on items for more details *Summer House - Blue x1*Watering can - Green*Coloured Birdhouse x1*Flower Fence x1*Summer Bug...

  • Trellis Setting

    This is a stunning set that includes: 1x White Triple TrellisMade from Metal and Painted7"h x 6.5" L 2x White Trellis PlantersMade from Metal and Painted6"h x 2.5" w 2x Willow Bench SeatMade From Metal and...

  • Vine Garden Kit - Boxed

     This is a great starter kit, with everything you need for your first Fairy Garden.16 piece miniature set includes:1x Arbor, 7”h (w/out picks) x 5”w1x Bistro table, 2.5”h x 2.75”dia.2x Bistro...

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