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Strawberry Pot.

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Gird List
  • Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories | Miniature Fairy Garden Australia | Tree Stump Swing

    Let the fairies swing their cares away with this stunning detailed tree stump swing... *Fairy Leah Fits Perfect (NOT INCLUDED) - Link Here Made from ResinDimensions: 6...

  • Gathered Purple Bucket

    Bring color to miniature gardens with Morning Glory Bucket.  Hand-painted tin Dimensions: 2" H x 1.25"...

  • Kitty All Tangled Up

    Every fairy loves a pet to snuggle up with, and with this cute little Kitty All Tangled Up will melt the hearts of any cat lover.. How many cats do you have :) Made from Resin Dimensions: 1″ Tall x .75″ Wide...

  • Cricket The Puppy

    Every fairy loves a pet to snuggle up with, and Cricket The Puppy is just to sweet for words! Look at him who wouldn’t love him.. Made from Resin Dimensions: 1″ Tall x 1.5″...

  • Fairy SeeSaw

     This Gorgeous little See Saw is just perfect to create that fairy Play Ground.   Made from ResinDimensions: 1″ Tall x 4″ Long x .75″...

  • Lewis The Corgi

    Every fairy loves a pet to snuggle up with, and Lewis The Corgi is one of my FAVORITES!! He is so adorable I wish he was real.. Made from Resin Dimensions: .75″ Tall x 1.75″ Long x .5″...

  • Follow Your Dreams Pathway

    What an amazing Pathway for your fairies to use for a grand entrance into their fairy house. Made from ResinDimensions: 7.75″ Wide x 7.25″ DeepRecommended for larger houses.*Colours May...

  • Fairy Tire Swing

    Let for fairies have fun and play with this Tyre Swing, it's just like a real one..Made from ResinSize: 3.75”...

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