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Fairy Rewards

Click picture upbove




Fairy Rewards

*When you redeem your points, postage will be an additional cost as the points only cover items not delivery.

*Your points will show on your order once your order has been marked as shipped.

*Fairy rewards can't be used on sale items, with any other specials or with vouchers.

*Please note that our Fan Builder & Refer-a-Friend rewards are now closed, and all codes have expired.

*These terms may change at any time.

 To start click on the tab at the bottom of your screen or mobile/tablet

It will look like this rewards3.jpga little different on the phones..

This will bring up a popup page as below, here you can create your Fairy Rewards Account and start earning points towards store credits.




Once you have joined you will see this rewards2.jpg at the bottom of the webpage, when you click onto this the below

dashboard, this will tell you your overall points, how to earn then, how to use points, your points earned from your orders and your your rewards redeemed..



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