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Miniature Wire Accessories.

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Gird List
  • Blue Birdbath

    Give your fairy birds a place to frolick and splash around in this cheerful Blue Birdbath. Made from Resin and a Metal HookSize: 2"dia x 9"h including...

  • Blue Birdfeeder with Cardinal

    This blue birdfeeder features an intricate roof and a red cardinal who has stopped by for a snack! Merriment CollectionDimensions: 1.5"w x 7...

  • Chinese Lanterns

    This adorable Chinese Lantern is just perfect to create a party look! Made from Metal and painted Overall: 12.7 cm W x 20.95 cm H Lanterns: 3.81 cm L x 1.9 cm...

  • Fair Fun Sign

    This sign is just perfect for any fairy Fun Fair or Party , Look at the details ♥ Dimensions: 1.75" Wide x 1.75" Deep x 3.5"...

  • Floral Swirl Gate

    Give your little fairies an entrance to their garden with this Floral Swirl Gate. Made from MetalSize: 2.5"w x 8"h including...

  • Flower Picks S/3

    Flowers are a wonderful way to add colour and beauty to any fairy garden. Set of 3Made from Clay and paintedSize: 1.5" diameter & 6"h including...

  • Garden Cottage w/ Opening Door

    This colourful Mini Cottage was designed to give you the look of a real Gyspy life and is unique with a beautiful distressed finish.Features a Opening Door ♥ Made From MetalDimensions: 7 w x 10.5 h x 7...

  • Garden Stakes S/2

    Love these little Garden stakes of a Butterfly and Bird. Set of 2Made from...

  • Ice Cream

    You scream, I scream, we all scream... for mini ice cream! What fun is a fair without any treats? These adorable little ice cream cones are a must have. Size:1.75"w x 1.75"h...

  • Kitty Cat
    $7.95 $4.95

    Here Kitty Kitty.. Every fairy is going to love playing with this yellow tabby ♥  Dimensions: 1...

  • Magic Sign

    This sparkly sign is a reminder to "Believe in Magic" and will add a special touch to any mini garden. Features all-weather paint. Made of metal..  Dimensions: 6.75"h x 1...

  • Magical Unicorn Poop

    Proof that unicorns really do exist, this magical unicorn poop is a swirl of color with glitter on top. Features all-weather paint. Made of resin. Made from ResinDimensions: 0...

  • Mailbox

    This Colourful little mail box is great for the mailman to leave all those important letters. Made from resin and paintedDimensions: 1.75" x 6...

  • Mini Blue Hanging Door
    $27.95 $22.95

    This brightly colored blue door is a magical addition to any fairy garden. Hang it on a tree with windows on either side to complete the look! Just add some imagination and watch your mini garden come alive! Made from...

  • Mini Weathervane

    I love Weathervanes, and this one looks great in a Fairy Garden.. Made from MetalDimensions: 1.75"w x 10...

  • Mushrooms - Pink Cap S/3

    Give your garden some mushroom magic with these cute Pink Cap Mushrooms. Set of 3Made from Clay and paintedSize: 3.5"h including...

  • Pair of Mini Turtles
    $12.95 $8.95

    Miniature Turtles are the cutest and we all love them.... Set of 2Made from Resin and...

  • Popcorn

    It's Movie night or at the Fair, either way what fairy doesn't want POPCORN!!!  Dimensions: 0.75" Wide x 1.75" Deep x 1.25" High Material:...

  • Sea Side Stepping Stones

    Let the Seaside stepping stones lead they way to a sunny beach side ♥. Made from Resin and paintedSize: .5"* Colours May be mixed and different in each pack...

  • Squirrel

    This bushy-tailed mini squirrel is just so cute and will be loved by the fairies.   Artist Name: Genevieve Gail Dimensions: 1"w x 1.5"h x 1...

  • Tire Swing

    O this is so cute... This swing will finish off any garden with a pop of colour and fun. Made from metal, resin and frabicsDimensions: 2.75"w x...

  • Trick or Treat Flags

    Happy Halloween my fairies, create an area for your fairies to celebrate Halloween this year and finish it off with this Trick or Treat Halloween Flags. Made from ResinDimensions: 9" x 9...

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