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Cacti Terrarium Kit.

The Perfect Little Gift Idea!..

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Gird List
  • Adirondack Coloured x1

    This is a stunning set, including 1x Chair and 1x Table. This is for one set, Please choose your colour  Made of soft Wood. Chair: 2.75"h x 2.75"w x 3.5"L Table: 1.75"h x 2" dia *please note...

  • Ale Jug

    What an adorable little Ale Jug!! It looks amazing sitting on the little bench.. Love!  Made from Resin.75"h x .75"dia...

  • Fairies Rocking Chair

    This Fairies Rocking Chair will be perfect for the fairies to rock their cares away...  Made from ResinDimensions: 2” Tall x  2” Wide x  2”...

  • Fairy Annie

    Fairy Annie just loves to collect pumpkins and also enjoys the fun of Halloween  ♥ Made from ResinDimensions: 3″ Tall, 2.25″ Metal PickRecommended for Med to Large houses not Micro.*Colours May...

  • Fairy Throne

    The fairies will be fighting over who gets to sit in this cute Fairy Throne, look at the details..♥ Made from ResinDimensions app: 2...

  • Fairyland Bakery
    $49.95 $39.95

    This eye-catching little Fairyland Bakery has exterior finishes that make it stand out in a miniature garden.   Made from ResinSize...

  • Cottonwood Manor w/ hinged door

    The Cottonwood manor will take pride in any garden! it has amazing details including a opening door.  Made from resin Dimensions: 8.25″ Tall | 7.25″ Wide | 5″...

  • Ghostly Mansion

    This is a stunning Ghostly Mansion is just perfect to scare all the fairies ;) The details are amazing and it features a solar power light with a Off On Switch.. Wow the fairies are going to love this.  Made from...

  • Mini Bistro's (6 Colours)

    Get the party started with these cute Mini Bistro sets.  The hard part is choosing what colour you want. Made fom metalChairs 2.25”h; Table 1.5”h x 1.5”dia(please note the Party Tent and Bunnies...

  • Wishing Well

    Let your Fairies make a magical little wish with this stunning and fun Mini Wishing Well. Made from Metal and Resin3...

  • Moss Stones x7

    Complete your look with these cute stones with moss details. They look amazing!  *all other items not included.

  • Owl Sign

    Such a wonderful addition to any fairy garden, this Fairy Garden Sign saying "Fairy Crossing" has the cutest little Owl just resting ontop.   Made from ResinSize 2.75"h...

  • Owl Stump

    Add a touch of the woods with this adorable Woodland Owl in a Tree Stump..  Made from Resin3.5”h x 1...

  • Pebble Bistro

    All the little fairies will be loving this stunning Pebble table and bench set. Made from resin Dimensions: Table: 2” Tall Diameter /Benches: 3”...

  • Pumpkin Cottage w/ Tealight
    $64.95 $49.95

    This is a true little Fairy house, this stunning Fairy Pumpkin House includes a battery candle to light up at night time.. Made from Resin 6.25"h 7.5"w  ...

  • Scarecrow

    Scare those nasty birds away with this adorable little Scarecrow, he looks great with out farm range. Made from ResinSize: 4.5"h...

  • Ladder

    Ladders are a great way for the fairies to climb into their tree houses or across a gully, this rope ladder has to little hooks for easier placement. Made from ResinSize: 17"L...

  • Whimsical Fairy Castle  - Solar

    This Solar house features stunning details and colours that will be a delight for any fairy lover. Made from ResinDimensions: 12.5"h x 6.5"w x 5.5" deep*Please note that these are little solars and will last about...

  • Witches Hat Tree
    $54.95 $44.95

    Oh My fairies, check out this witches house, what amazing details and how unique ♥  Made from ResinDimensions app: 7...

  • Woodland Table Set/3

    What a delightful and cute table set, this Woodland Log table set features real looking details and the cutest details... LOVE! Made from resin Table Size: 4.5cm x 4cm x 3.5cmH Chair Size:  2.5cm x 2.5cm x...

  • Fairy Lights - Red

    Red Fairy lights are just what the fairies (and you) ordered for your fairy garden.  The strand is 2meters long and includes batteries.(The wire is waterproof, the battery pack is...

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