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Miniature Wire Accessories.

The Perfect Little Gift Idea!..

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Gird List
  • Adirondack Set - Red

    This is a stunning set, including 1x Chair and 1x Table.  Made of soft Wood.Chair: 2.75"h x 2.75"w x 3.5"LTable: 1.75"h x 2" dia*please note that these are easy to brake and are not a toy...

  • Ale Jug

    What an adorable little Ale Jug!! It looks amazing sitting on the little bench.. Love!  Made from Resin.75"h x .75"dia...

  • Garden Fence

    Finish off your Magical Miniature garden with a wonderful Antique fence.It's like framing a master piece. Made from Tin and Metal WireSize: 3.5"h w/o picks x 30"LCan Buy more than one if needing longer...

  • Barrel Planter

    Finish of your fairy garden with this cute fairy Barrel Planter, it has a amazing life like finishes.. Made from Resin1.25"h x 2"dia...

  • Antique Columns

    These columns look great with the antique fence and gates. This is for 1xColumnGoes perfect with out Antique Fence  - Click Here to ViewMade from MetalSize: 5.5"h x 1...

  • Fairy Garden Fence - Purple
    $5.95 $4.00

    Frame your fairy garden or create a section with your garden with these adorable fences.. ♥ Made from WoodOutdoor/Indoor useApprox: 2"h x 19.5" LSuites Sml-Med Houses...

  • Fairy Garden Mushrooms

    They are stunning Purple little Mushrooms that have little picks perfect to place in your Fairy Garden.  they range from 1/2" and upto 2" high (all sets of mushrooms are different and may have...

  • Green Tools

    These little Green Gardening Tools will give your fairy garden the real touch of gardening. .Made form Metal/wood.They are 3.5"L -...

  • Glitter Mushrooms Pearl Purple

    They are stunning Glitter Mushrooms are going to be a huge hit as all fairies LOVE glitter ;)   Sizes may very from 1/2" and upto 2" high(all sets of mushrooms are different and may very in colours...

  • Glow Mushrooms Purple

    Light up your Fairy way with these cute little Fairy Garden Mushrooms.. They Glow in the dark.. Set Of 3This Set is Purple Hand Made from Polymer ClayThey very from  .75"h - 1.5"hEach set is different and also...

  • Antique Gate

    Stunning little Gate, Looks great with the Columns and pots (sold Separtely) Made from Metal6.5"h x 2...

  • Mini Bistro's (6 Colours) - LAST ONES

    Get the party started with these cute Mini Bistro sets.  The hard part is choosing what colour you want. Made fom metalChairs 2.25”h; Table 1.5”h x 1.5”dia(please note the Party Tent and Bunnies...

  • Strawberry Pot

    Finish of your fairy garden with this cute fairy Strawberry Pot Planter, it has a amazing life like finishes.. Made from Resin1.5"h x 1.25"dia...

  • Zen Bridge

    Every Garden looks great with a bridge, it can add the effect of water or even create levels in your garden, they can also be used to bind two gardens together. Made From Metal WireSize: 2"w x...

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