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Strawberry Pot.

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Gird List
  • Miniature Fairy Garden Fairy | Miniature Fairy Garden Statue | Fairy Bride

    Here comes the Bride, perfect in every way, the dress, flowers and even her bunnies holding her trail while sahe walks down the isle to her Groom awaiting for her...    These fairies are a perfect size...

  • Strawberry Pot

    Finish of your fairy garden with this cute fairy Strawberry Pot Planter, it has a amazing life like finishes.. Made from Resin1.5"h x 1.25"dia...

  • Gathered Fairy Garden Accessories Kit

    This Gorgeous set includes all Fairy Favorite Accessories for your fairy Garden, all you need if a house and fairies ♥ Click here for HousesClick here for...

  • Soda Crate w/ Bottles

    Cute little Soda Crate with bottles for the Fairies to enjoy....  Made from plastic and wood. Crate .5"h x 1.5"w x 2.25"LBottles 1.25"h x...

  • Follow Your Dreams Pathway

    What an amazing Pathway for your fairies to use for a grand entrance into their fairy house. Made from ResinDimensions: 7.75″ Wide x 7.25″ DeepRecommended for larger houses.*Colours May...

  • Flower Fence

    Create that perfect entrance into your fairy garden with this stunning Flower Gates.Click here to see our matching Flower Gate.  Made from Metal4.5”h x 9”L (w/out...

  • Bird Bath

    Add this Rustic Bird Bath to your mini garden for the birds to enjoy. Made from ResinSize: 2.75"h x...

  • Coral and Starfish S/3

    This mini set of coral and starfish are just perfect ofr creating that magical beach theme for the fairies, they are designed by Genevieve Gail features all-weather paint and a unique distressed finish. Made from...

  • Seahorse Picks S/2

    Add these cute little seahorse picks to you beach for the fairies to enjoy..  Features all-weather paint and a unique distressed finish.. Made from ResinDimensions: 1" x 4...

  • Planter Tubs w/Stand

    This Planter is stunning with 2 tubs and a stand, it can be used for flower or as shown in the Farm Range as a trough for the animals. Made from MetalSize: Stand: 2.25”h x 2.5”wTubs: 1"h x 1...

  • Vine arbor w/ leaves

    Greate a wonderful entry with this stunning gated Arbor w/leaves Made from Metal8.5"h (w/out picks) x 3...

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