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Strawberry Pot.

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Gird List
  • Welcome Rock Blue

    Welcome your fairies with this cute little rock featuring a little blue Butterfly... So cute..   Made from resin Dimensions: 1.75h″ Tall | 1.5″...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Pathway | Miniature Fairy Garden Landscaping | Blossom Pathway

    Create that perfect entrance to your fairy garden with a beautiful Pathway, this pathway has such wonderful little details and finished with stunning little yellow Blossoms that you are going to love. Made from resin...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Fairy - Miniature Fairy Garden Statue - Garden Bed

    Give your fairy garden a pop of colour with a cute Cottage Garden Flower Bed ♥   These fairies are a perfect size with med-large houses..Made from resin Dimensions: 2...

  • Curved Pathway | Miniature Fairy Garden Walkway | Curved Pathway

    Create a wonderful enterance into your fairy garden with this stunning Curved Pathway..  Made from ResinDimensions: 5″ Long | 2″...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Pond | Miniature Fairy Garden Water Feature | Fairy Love Garden Pond

    This is the perfect size pond for a fairy garden, it looks stunning with a little water and has a cute little frog....♥ Made from ResinDimensions app: 4 x 3 x.5"*Colours May Very due to Lighting and Screen...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Pathway | Miniature Fairy Garden Landscaping | Flower Pathway

    Lead the way with this impressive fairy garden pathway featuring a real like finish.   Made from resin Dimensions:  6 inches long x 1 1/2 inches...

  • Flower Stepping Stones

    Make an entrance into your fairy garden with these adorable and colourful Flower Stepping Stones..  Made from ResinDimensions: .75″ DiameterThis is for a set of 4.*Colours May...

  • Follow Your Dreams Pathway

    What an amazing Pathway for your fairies to use for a grand entrance into their fairy house. Made from ResinDimensions: 7.75″ Wide x 7.25″ DeepRecommended for larger houses.*Colours May...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Pond | Miniature Fairy Garden Water Feature | Garden Pond w/ Fairy and Puppy

    OMFairies this Pond has it all, the Water, the Flowers, the Fairy and the Puppy.♥ Made from ResinDimensions app: 5..3" x 4.33Great with Med - Large...

  •  Miniature Fairy Garden Pots | Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories | Home Potted Garden

    How cute are these Home Potted Garden Pots, they are all wonderfully painted with stunning colours and finished with stunning details. Made from ResinDimensions:1.75” Tall x 2” Long  X 0.75”...

  • Savannah Planter

    Finish of your fairy garden with this cute fairy Planter, it has a amazing life like finishes.. Made from Resin 1"...

  • Saying Stepping Stones

    Step your way into a magical world with these little saying stepping stones... Set of 4Made from resin 1½”...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Veggie Patch | Miniature Fairy Garden Veggies | Time To Garden

    Add those finishing touches to your fairy garden with these stunning Veggie Patch, this is a large garden patch and it will create the perfect setting for a farm or veggie garden area  Made from ResinDimensions: ...

  • Miniature Garden Mushrooms | Fairy Garden Accessories | Wild Mushrooms

    Oh My MUSHROOMS! These are so adorable, if only the photo did them justic... They look so real within the garden you wouldn't even know they weren't. Made from resin Dimensions: 1″...

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