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Strawberry Pot.

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Gird List
  • Welcome Rock Blue

    Welcome your fairies with this cute little rock featuring a little blue Butterfly... So cute..   Made from resin Dimensions: 1.75h″ Tall | 1.5″...

  • Cement Stepping Stones s/4

    Create a path to your Fairy Garden with these Mini Round Cement Stepping Stones.. Looks great with the Woodland Gazebo as seen in Picture. Made of Cement1.25"...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Fairy - Miniature Fairy Garden Statue - Garden Bed

    Give your fairy garden a pop of colour with a cute Cottage Garden Flower Bed ♥   These fairies are a perfect size with med-large houses..Made from resin Dimensions: 2...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Pond | Miniature Fairy Garden Water Feature | Fairy Love Garden Pond

    This is the perfect size pond for a fairy garden, it looks stunning with a little water and has a cute little frog....♥ Made from ResinDimensions app: 4 x 3 x.5"*Colours May Very due to Lighting and Screen...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Pathway | Miniature Fairy Garden Landscaping | Flower Pathway

    Lead the way with this impressive fairy garden pathway featuring a real like finish.   Made from resin Dimensions:  6 inches long x 1 1/2 inches...

  • Flower Stepping Stones

    Make an entrance into your fairy garden with these adorable and colourful Flower Stepping Stones..  Made from ResinDimensions: .75″ DiameterThis is for a set of 4.*Colours May...

  • Follow Your Dreams Pathway

    What an amazing Pathway for your fairies to use for a grand entrance into their fairy house. Made from ResinDimensions: 7.75″ Wide x 7.25″ DeepRecommended for larger houses.*Colours May...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden Pond | Miniature Fairy Garden Water Feature | Garden Pond w/ Fairy and Puppy

    OMFairies this Pond has it all, the Water, the Flowers, the Fairy and the Puppy.♥ Made from ResinDimensions app: 5..3" x 4.33Great with Med - Large...

  • Glitter Mushrooms Hot Pink

    They are stunning Glitter Mushrooms are going to be a huge hit as all fairies LOVE glitter ;)   Sizes may very from 1/2" and upto 2" high(all sets of mushrooms are different and may very in colours...

  • Hopscotch Time

    It's Hopscotch Time!!! The fairies are going to love playing in your fairy garden with this amazing and adorable Hopscotch pathway,,,, ♥  Made from ResinDimensions: 7.25″ Long x 2.25″ WideRecommended...

  • Pansy Picks S/3
    $6.95 $1.50

    Add some colour to your garden with these cute Pansy Picks. Made from resin Dimensions:  .25″ Diameter | 2″ Metal...

  • Savannah Planter

    Finish of your fairy garden with this cute fairy Planter, it has a amazing life like finishes.. Made from Resin 1"...

  • Saying Stepping Stones

    Step your way into a magical world with these little saying stepping stones... Set of 4Made from resin 1½”...

  • White Garden Mushrooms

    Oh, how cute are these 3 little Mushrooms, they look so real and I love that they are white and classic  Made from resin Dimensions: .5"h - 1...

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