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Strawberry Pot.

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Gird List
  • Animal Topiary x1
    $12.95 $6.95

    Oh just to cute! These little potted Topiaries are going to look amazing in any garden, it's just what one will you get?  Made from Resin1.5”h x 1...

  • Colorful Daisies On A Pick S/3
    $6.95 $5.00

    Add some colour to your garden with these cute Colourful Daisy Picks. Made from resin Dimensions: .5″ Diameter, 3.75″ Metal...

  • Enchanted Garden Squirrel
    $4.50 $2.50

    This bushy-tailed mini squirrel is just so cute and will be loved by the fairies.   Made from Resin Dimensions: 1"...

  • Enchanted Mail Box
    $6.95 $4.50

    Just a perfect little blue mail box..♥ It has the most amazing details..   Made from ResinSize:  5cm x 2.5cm x 6cmH *Ideal for small - Medium...

  • Flower Bloom Chair
    $11.95 $5.95

    Oh How CUTE!! I know that every fairy is just going to love sitting in your garden in this special chair, just look at the details ♥  Made from resin Dimensions: 2″ Tall x 1.25″ Wide x 1...

  • Flower Cart
    $6.45 $4.45

    Gather the flowers from the garden with the adorable Flower Cart ♥  Made from Twin & ResinApproximately: Size: 5cm x 2.5cm x...

  • Flower Leaf Boots
    $10.95 $7.50

    I just adore these, and the fairies will too.. ♥  Made from ResinDimensions app: 1...

  • Hound Dog
    $12.95 $6.95

    All the woodland fairies will be so excited to meet this cute Hound Dog, he has lovely details.   Made from Resin1”h x...

  • Mini Garden Stakes S/3
    $9.95 $6.95

    Gorgeous little garden stakes S/3 Dimensions: .5" and  5″ w/pickMade from resin &...

  • Potter’s Place - LAST ONE
    $54.95 $40.00

    Potter’s Place is an adorable little place that the fairies will love and so will you with its wonderful features like a little opening door and 3 pots for flowers..  Made from resin Dimensions: 7″ Tall x 7...

  • Tool Garden Bench
    $15.95 $9.95

    Oh my fairy flowers!! This is just to cute for words... Every fairy is just going to love sitting in your garden on this special Tool Bench Seat, just look at the details ♥  Made from resin Dimensions:...

  • Wire Accessories S/3
    $14.95 $9.95

    Add these little garden accessories into your garden to complete the look.. *Please note there is no hook included. Made from...

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