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Free Shipping on Orders Over $200*
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Shipping And Returns

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Shipping to You 


*All items sent from us via Australia Post are covered by insurance, this cover is for missing or broken items in transit.  See Below for more information.

(If you ask for (ATL) authority to leave this will void all insurances and any loss, theft or damage to any item, it will no longer be Fairytale Gardens reasonability). 

*We try our best to keep the shipping to a reasonable price but sometimes the online Postage calculator gets the prices wrong, if you believe that the chargers maybe wrong please contact us it will then be handled at the discretion of Fairytale Gardens..

*If you choose the Courier option, please use a home address as they do not accept PO Box's, we will then choose a suitable courier for your parcels, if we find Australia Post is the better option this will be used.

(If you ask opt for courier there is NO insurance and any loss, theft or damage to any item, it will not be Fairytale Gardens reasonability).

*Fairytale Gardens wants to protect the wonderful world of our little fairies, with this we try to recycle our boxes/paper as much as we can to make their world a better place.  We thank you for supporting the choice to recycle.

Time Frames for Deliveries 

*Orders will be packed and shipped promptly from Queensland within 24-48hrs upon receipt of full payment.

(24-48hr Excludes weekends, busy periods like Christmas, Easter and Sales. Courier parcels will ship within 48hrs of payment)

QLD, NSW          2-4 Business Days

VIC                       3-5 Business Days

SA, ACT              3-6 Business Days

New Zealand    5-15 Business Days

Worldwide       3-15 Business Days

Rest of Australia (including Rural): 5-14 Business days.

Use our delivery time’s calculator to estimate how long your item should take to arrive. Our Post code is 4164. TY

Note: Delivery may take an extra 1-4 days during peak times (Eg.. Easter and Christmas)

* Courier is not an express, same day or overnight service, it can take up to 1-10 business days depending on your location.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $200


*Free shipping only applies on Orders Over $200 not including any off the above*   If you order any of the above Over the $200 there will be a small additional charges for shipping***

*Only Valid Within Australia

*We will use either Australia Post standard or a Courier. (If we need to use a courier there will be no insurance)

*Not valued on Vouchers or the use of Vouchers, the remaining value in your checkout after use of voucher will then calculate towards the $200 free shipping. 

*This is for a limited time only and these terms may change at any time.

*Express Post Not VALID On Solar Houses. Thank You

Other Delivery Terms 

* Fairytale Gardens takes no responsibility for parcels sent to an incorrect address due to you entering incorrect shipping information. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the shipping information provided is correct.

*Fairytale gardens take no responsibility in the event of missing parcels or damaged item and no replacements or refunds will given if you stated the parcel to be left unattended by the courier.

*All items will be sent with a tracking number and can be tracked. Your tracking number will be emailed to you or you can track on your Fairytale gardens account.

*Full Insurance is only offered on Australia post deliveries all other companies require a $250 excess for a loss or damage claim, if your parcel is loss or damaged by Courier we will follow this up with them and the result will be at the discretion of the Couriers Company.

*If you have not received your parcel 2 days after your timeframe for delivery ETO please let us know asap. We are unable to refund or resend any orders that are not been reported missing to us after 2 days of the ETO.


Broken, Damaged or Missing Items

Please inform us within 24hrs of receiving your items if there is any problems (we may allow a few more days under certain circumstances, but NO more than 5 days), if it is after this date we are unable to offer you any compensation. 

In the first instance we recommend that you call us on 0400 469 699 as we can hopefully offer immediate advice to resolve the problem.

* Please note that some couriers have a claim process that costs, if an item is broken or the parcel is lost the claim amount is not our responsibility and this is up to you to follow up.  Our insurance only covers Australia Post items, (we will use Australia Post where we can but for free shipping we are normally required to use couriers)


Broken products will be refunded or credited in full, WE CAN'T OFFER YOU A REPLACEMENT .

what you need to do.

*Broken products will be refunded or credited in full, Firstly send us photo of the item to confirm item is broken, and if no photo is supplied we will not be able to help you, then contact your local Australia Post and make a claim for goods damaged in transit, once this is complete we will follow this up with Australia Post and let you know when your claim has be approved, you will then be offered a replacement or we can refund you for the item.

* Please Note that if you ask for (ATL) authority to leave in any way this will automatically void all insurances and any loss or damage will no longer be our responsibility and if you wish to take it further will need to be done with the courier company used.

* All claims during the Christmas Holidays will take 6-8weeks, we are sorry about this and unfortunately cannot do anymore to fix this problem for you.

*If you receive a credit for any items damaged or faulty this credit will only be valued for 14 days, and cannot be used after this time.


*Of your items go missing in transit we will chase this up with the courier, if there is insurance we will put a claim in and refund or send you replacements once the claim is finalised.

*If the item is missing from your order we will refund you, No replacements will be sent out.


*Send the item back at your cost (or put return parcel to sender on the box) and we will send you the correct item.  

*Or if you would like to keep the incorrect item we will give you a credit for the item missing on your account or a refund.

(We only offer refunds and credits on items missing or incorrect, not replacements unless item is returned). 

*If you change your mind for any reason on an item we do not offer returns refunds.


If you are unhappy with an item and want to return it, please contact us to have this agreed on before returning, if you return an item as you’re not happy, or the item has a quirk that we have in our terms we will ONLY refund you for the item, no postage, insurance or handling will be refunded, (this includes the postage you paid to have the item posted to you and postage you paid for the return).

If you return an item please make sure you have insurance as if it's returned broken will not be able to refund you.  If you return an item without contacting us first we will be unable to refund you.

Please note:

Most of our items are handmade/painted and may have a few little quirks, these items are not faulty, defected or damaged, and they are just a little fairy quirky.

(With all our fairy houses with little doors, these doors may come off this is one of their quirks and we can't fix or replace this, please use a little super glue to reattach, they can also be a little crocked and this is normal. This also applies with faries and their wings, if you find them detached it is a design so that for large bumps and drops they detach as not to have them break into small peices. a little dab of super glue will re-attach them)

Also note that the solar panels may also be a little crocked or loose, this is not faulty, please do not place them in direct soil or where the water gathers as this will wet the batteries and it will stop working.




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