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Gird List
  •  Miniature Fairy Garden Wagon | Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories | Fairy Flyer Wagon

    The classic little red Flyer wagon is so cute, just add some pots to create a gardeners Garden. Made from ResinDimensions: 2” Tall x 1.5” Deep x 2.5” Long*Does not...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden -  Fairy Gardening Australia - Walnut Wheelbarrow

    Don't forget the little things for the garden!This Walnut Wheelbarrow will give the fairy garden a touch of real life. Made from resin Dimensions: 2.75"l x 1.5"w x 1...

  • Miniature Fairy Garden -  Fairy Gardening Australia - Garden Wheelbarrow

    Just so cute! This Garden Wheelbarrow fitted with all your gardening needs will give the fairy garden a touch of real life, remember it's the little things that count ;) Made from resin Dimensions:...

  • Gathered Basket Wheelbarrow

    Adorable Mini Gathered Wheelbarrow adds charm to miniature gardens. Hand-crafted from wire and tin with exacting details. Dimensions: 1.25" H x 1.75"...

  • Flower Cart

    Gather the flowers from the garden with the adorable Flower Cart ♥  Made from Twin & ResinApproximately: Size: 5cm x 2.5cm x...

  • Mini Wheeled Tub

    This cart is the cutest little thing I have seen.. It's a must for every fairy garden. Made from MetalOverall 1.75”h x 1.5”w x 3”L;Bucket is 1”H x 1”dia...

  • Summer Wheelbarrow

    Fairies just love gardening, so these Wheelbarrows will be a favorite in your garden..  This is for one, Please choose your colourMade form Metal and paintedSize:  1.5"h x 2"w x...

  • Bicycle Planter

    Just the perfect little accessory for your fairies to enjoy.  Made from resin Dimensions: 1.75″ Tall | 2.25″ Long | 1.5″...

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